Without Words

Laura McMillan

This Portland-area musician manages to say a lot “Without Words.” Her debut recording melds a deep grounding in the classical tradition with a love of Broadway and an appreciation for the more gentle lyricism associated with the Windham Hill label.

Laura McMillan's CD already has received rave reviews from listeners who find something to suit any mood. Some praise its gentle, soothing passages for the ability to capture the listener attention without bombast. Others are captured by the up-tempo pieces that can’t help but put a little bounce in the listener’s step. All listeners are captured by the natural purity of the music and McMillan’s obvious compositional sophistication.

Now, McMillan is putting the focus back on her performing career with stellar results. Listen to “Without Words” and you’ll understand why it’s taken up permanent residence in so many local CD players.

“Without Words” is available at cdbaby.com, amazon.com, and perhapspiano.com. To watch Laura perform, go to YouTube channel lauramcmillanpiano.

ALBUM REVIEW: This review is from: Without Words by Laura McMillan (Audio CD) I got to know Laura through an ebay transaction and I am really glad I did. She sent me this cd and I have listened to it 3 times and find new things with it every time. I won't call this new age, it's just beautiful piano music. To me, the songs create visions and and feelings that I remember from a long time ago. I love music that can tell a story without words and that is what I have found in Laura's wonderful music. Her style is not pretentious like many piano artists, it flows with ease but has some very interesting patterns both complex and simple. The songs are relatively short which I like because so many artists songs are 5 minutes long and they repeat a lot to the point of monotony. I have listened to this cd while doing monotonous work on the computer and just relax and the time flies. I also have a BBE 462 sonic maximizer that does wonders for the sound quality but found that the sound is really good without the 462 engaged. That shows a really good quality recording with attention to details. I know, I am a studio engineer. Thank you Laura, you are a hidden gem who should be in the spot light. Robert Schurr

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