Linger Longer

Laura McMillan

OWR ALBUM of THE YEAR! The most treasured moments in life, we all wish would 'Linger Longer'. If you enjoy relaxing, beautiful, solo piano music, and the warm sound of a Steinway, this one's for you!

During a 15 month time period, my Mom (who was my Mom, very best friend, and encouraged my music, always) lost her brother, brother in law, and sister in law to cancer. To say this was a difficult time for her, is an understatement.

I tried my best to be supportive and simply asked her one day, 'What would make you happy?' She replied, 'Nothing.' I then suggested we 'go somewhere', anywhere she would like. She said, 'The only place in the world I've always wanted to go is Cape Cod.' I said, 'Okay, then we're going!'.

She wanted a place right on the beach. She found an old sea captain's house they rented out in Brewster. We went, only for three days, clear across the United States, one day to fly there, one day to stay, one day to fly home. Mom was afraid I'd be bored there.

The place is called, 'Linger Longer by the Sea'. We ended up going 17 more times, for 10 days each time. It was magical, opening the sliding glass door onto the deck, then stepping into the warm sand, swimming in the bay that has warm water! Endless walks on the beach, picking up seashells.

Our memories there on the Cape will last me a lifetime, best, most wonderful trips, always.

I thought it only appropriate to dedicate my new cd in memory of my Mom.

The cover is the sunset on Cape Cod bay, a picture taken right from the deck where we watched hundreds of sunsets and an overlay picture of me playing the piano.

So, now, you know the meaning behind my cover art, piece and title of my new cd, 'Linger Longer'.

The most treasured moments in life, we all wish would 'Linger Longer', and to me, Cape Cod is a piece of Heaven on Earth.

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