Storybook Love

Laura McMillan

Each track on this album is meant to spotlight one of the many moments of love -- dreaming about it, looking for it, finding it and living happily ever after.

Laura McMillan believes in love, happiness and fairytale-like happy endings, so she named her third album of solo piano music Storybook Love. “It’s a dream we all have, male and female. For those who have love, count your blessings and savor each moment. For everyone else, keep hoping, keep looking, keep the dream alive. Whether you are in love right now or in the middle of the search, I hope this music can serve as a backdrop of joy and excitement.”

In addition, when McMillan’s previous album, Linger Longer, was released, it felt to her like a fairytale come true. The album went Top 5 on the international Zone Music Reporter Top 100 airplay chart. She received album reviews, airplay and notoriety around the world. She was named “Artist of the Year” and the CD was named “Album of the Year” in the annual awards competition voted on by radio listeners and held by One World Music, the top radio channel of new age music based in the United Kingdom. Her music became so popular on the channel that they offered the pianist her own radio show, “Simply Piano,” where she plays piano music by herself and others.

“It’s just another example that dreams can come true,” McMillan says. “It led me to thinking about the dream we all have of finding true love and living happily ever after. So I had the concept of Storybook Love from the beginning and wrote all the compositions based on that theme.”

The title tune from the album, “Storybook Love,” is accompanied by a theatrical video that can be viewed at her website ( or youtube/lauramcmillanpiano. The video, directed by Chris Clephane and produced by Mark W. Costa, was shot on location in Seattle, Washington. It features McMillan playing a Steinway Hamburg nine-foot concert grand piano at Hotel 1000 and appearing at a variety of prominent landmarks in the city including Pike Place Market, King Street Station, Kerry Park, Pioneer Square and the Fountain Steps.

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